HiKeyboard for Pocket PC

Multifunctional virtual keyboard inlcuding tip calculator

HiKeyboard - Your Master Input Method includes a smart Soft Input Panel, a nice Full Screen Keyboard and great calculators. HiKeyboard allows working with document in the smartest way, easily dealing with complicated expressions, and freely typing by hands and more.

HiKeyboard Features:

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 support and Landscape mode
  • Stylus Free - Rotation of the Full Screen Keyboard
  • Support Auto correct and Auto Completion
  • Include very nice Arithmetical, Tip, Date and Time Calculator
  • Support lunar and solar date calculation
  • Supports both English and European style for date and numeric separator
  • Support smart keyboard's gestures
  • Skin able and sound support

HiKeyboard supports a very nice SIP which includes both basic SIP's features and advanced features:

  • Supports all editable objects
  • Supports hi-speed text input
  • Easy to use with smart interface
  • Currently version supports 8 languages

One of superior features of Hikeyboard is that it includes 3 calculators located right in SIP. Basic calculator allows dealing with commonly arithmetical expressions, Tip Calculator helps to find percent to tip easily and contribution between friends in a restaurant, etc. Moreover, it also supports a powerful Date and Time calculator which help you calculate exact time and keep things in plan.

  • Allow pasting both expressions and results of expressions
  • Allow calculating for both lunar and solar date system
  • Supports both English and European style for date and numeric separator
  • Supports keyboard gestures

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HiKeyboard 1.0

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